"Because We Are Beliebers"
                        Everyone deserves a chance, so keep beliebing!
Alright guys, so i've seen this on Facebook, Twitter, and mostly YouTube where Beliebers are saying stuff like 

"Justin's not the same anymore"

"I miss the old Justin"

"I hate Selena, they shouldn't be together"

But all i have to say is.... keep beliebing.
So think about it. Did you learn something from Justin? Did he teach you how to believe? To never say never? I know i learned that from him and so i thank him. You cant give up on him now, though. Justin still has some growing up to do and he cant do it without us.

Let's give Justin and Selena a chance. I know we all might not like this, but we have to respect them for Justin. Do you wanna make the guy unhappy? If you dont, you dont have to like Jelena... you just have to respect them. And support Justin with whatever happens next.

Justin is growing up and so he needs to change. Are you the same person you were 3 years ago? Do you think you're going to be EXACTLY the same 10 years from now? I dont think so. So please, give Justin a chance to do what he wants with his life. He's probably so pressured/stressed. As Selena once put it:

"I want to be known for my work, not for who i'm dating or wearing"

They just want to change with their work and try new things and pretty much grow as an artist. I mean, look at everything Justin has accomplished! Now there's only one thing to think about now, Beliebers....

Have Justin in your world or no Justin at all?

~ Give him a chance
5/6/2012 07:22:29 pm

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