"Because We Are Beliebers"
Justin cares about the world because he is donating A LOT of money from the "My Worlds Acoustic" to a hospital for children. He also made the Pray song and video, which is so sad and nice and inspiring!

Now Justin is giving presents to those kids in the hospital who need them. He just wants to catch a smile in their face. AWW! Isn't he nice?  :) 
So you all hear of Justin Bieber's latest album "My World Acoustic". It is really amazing, you should go buy it!
Place to Buy: Wal♥Mart
Check out the preview: CLICK HERE

Also, you guys heard of the movie premiere? That's right the movie "Justin Bieber: NeverSayNever" is hitting theatre's in February! A Valentine gift! :)

Check it out:
NeverSayNever: Trailer
NeverSayNever: Preview

Justin Bieber made it clear on Twitter that this is a real movie with footage NOT a concert movie!
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"We love Justin, Justin loves us... We are Beliebers"