"Because We Are Beliebers"
That's right, i'm now posting a whole blog post just for the new featured song of the section "JB Songs" which is now currently (on September 13, 2011) the featured song. I will, from now on, be listing reasons why i chose the song i chose for the featured song.

Do you remember that cute little kid singing covers of famous songs on YouTube? Who knew he'll end up being the most famous teenager around? Do you remember that same kid dress up in a grey hoodie and start to sing "Ey, ey, ey, ey, me plus you"?
I know i do.
The kid's name is Justin Drew Bieber from Stratford, Ontario.

"One Time" is the featured song because, not only cant i get enough of it, but it's a catchy tune and it was the song that made it all happen. This is a memory of how our inspiration started out.

Now you may be wondering:
"Why is the featured song One Time... but the version from the album My Worlds Acoustic?"
I love it.
I cant get enough of it.
If i don't listen to it every day, i'll hum it or sing it in my mind.

It's more catchy in acoustic version, but it's still a killer song originally.

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"We love Justin, Justin loves us... We are Beliebers"