"Because We Are Beliebers"
The long awaited new Bieber album is finally here! And it's given the name Believe as a dedication to his Beliebers! The new album contains more than 10 new tracks for fans to enjoy, featuring the following artists:

Big Sean
Nicki Minaj

Also, a little boy went out and got himself the new album, only to find he's won one of the golden tickets. Congratulations to him, but that should be me.. ;)

Anyway, if that's not enough Bieber for the week, make sure you catch Bieber today, tomorrow, and Thursday on the following events:

1) Today (June 19), on the day of the album's release, make sure to see Justin on MTV at 7:30pm

2) Also, don't miss a special called "Justin Bieber: All Around The World" (get it?) on Wednesday,  June 20, 2012 on NBC at 8/7c or some behind the scenes.

3) And on Thursday, June 21, 2012 at 8/7c again on NBC :)

Bye! And enjoy your copy of Believe!

"We love Justin, Justin loves us... We are Beliebers"