"Because We Are Beliebers"
Justin's gone far from the baby video to the Boyfriend video :)
Justin came out with his new video "Boyfriend" on May 4 on MTV @ 7:50pm and in Youtube's VEVO. It went viral instantly following its footsteps of his younger video, "Baby." After a long time of teasing to his Beliebers, Justin's managed to satisfy them in overwhelmness with the release of the video.

Not to mention, he's also announced exciting news earlier which is that his new album "Believe," which is all about new music for the fans, is coming out indeed this early summer on June 19th, 2012. Over Twitter, Justin claims that he's having trouble deciding which songs should come out on the album.

"Make a Believe 2.0 and 3.0 and 4.0," Alfredo and Beliebers suggest. Though we don't know if that was taken into actual or official consideration.

That's all folks!
Check out the new Boyfriend video at the official YouTube username:


"We love Justin, Justin loves us... We are Beliebers"